fixing the health system

Fixing the Health System?

Really interesting to read various summations of the report delivered by the veritable Helen Simpson containing recommendations for the future management of Health Boards.  She recommends “culling” the number of Health Boards to eight.  There are currently twenty. Further – she recommends a new Crown Entity to oversee services and finances to which members would […]

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The Power of Culture

I recently participated in an NZIoD panel discussion on the Power of Culture.  My ancient Oxford fortified by duct tape doesn’t even mention the culture I was looking forward to talking about.  Instead it mentions tillage or cultivation, bacteria, and improvement – either by mental or physical training. Upon reflection – cultivating an environment in

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“You don’t have to be intellectually bright to be a competent leader.”  So said Janet Frame – Not sure where or when but it is in the Heinman Dictionary of New Zealand Quotations so she must have said it somewhere – sometime. As one who has made a career of occupying leadership roles it would

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Four legs or Feathers

In my bubble, all but two of us have four legs or feathers.  The lock-down was unsettling for the fauna around our place.  The donkeys honked, the cat became friendly, the humans less friendly, and the dog barked. So much so, that the recent discovery of a half-eaten sausage upon my deck struck fear into

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