Mary Bourke


Celebrate Innovation

Of all of the things a girl was required to learn in order to get the ticks that would get the qualification that would demonstrate some ability to toe the line that would get the job; few things have stuck.  One concept that did however, was the great uniqueness of New Zealand artists during the […]

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Taking responsibility

Comfort zones

Comfort zones are perfect incubators for ignorance and bigotry On good days I am entertained by those who find comfort in the “law”.  On other days I am reminded that the law is often an ass.  Laws do not exist for the betterment of the lives of the majority.  They exist to control the antics

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Here’s what I know about convolvulus.  Donkeys love it.  They hoover it up as the rest of us hoover up spaghetti.  Convolvulus is also known as Morning Glory.  At our place, I’m working on the only Glory in the Morning being Donkeys honking.  We’re not quite there yet.  We’ve still got Morning Glory and Honking

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